"Yankee" challenging "Ranger". The grand finale of the J Class at Marblehead, Massachusetts, 1937.

The New York Yacht Club cruise of 1937 went as far east as the Eastern Yacht Club's base at Marblehead. 5 J Class Yachts competed in races for their division on the cruise.
They were:

"Ranger", the recent winner of the 1937 America's Cup.
"Endeavour II", the 1937 challenger.
"Yankee", built for the defence of the 1930 America's Cup. ( "Enterprise " was chosen)
"Rainbow", winner of the 1934 America's Cup.
"Endeavour I", the 1934 challenger.

The final race at Marblehead for the J Class, was held on Thursday September 2nd, in a good southwesterly breeze. Indeed this race was the 'Grand Finale' for all these original J's, except for "Endeavour I" as they were all eventually broken up and never raced again.
The course was a windward/leeward, 28 miles long, from Marblehead to The Graves and return, twice around. Being held so close to Marblehead and surrounding shorelines meant that the public could view the spectacle from the shore.

The painting depicts the scene, not long after the start, as the yachts tack along the Marblehead Neck shore. It is a beautiful day and the sun is reflecting off the tops of the waves.Wonderful warm colors are created where the sun's light passes through the canvas sails. The shadowed areas appear a contrasting cool dark color.
"Ranger", J 5, is leading the fleet with "Yankee", J US 2, in the close foreground, challenging "Ranger" for the lead. "Rainbow", J 4, close behind "Yankee" will need to 'clear her air' if she is not to fall behind. "Endeavour II", J K 6, has her crew ready to tack, before getting too close to shallow water and Tinker's Island. "Endeavour I", in the background, has just tacked onto starboard but is in disturbed 'air' from "Endeavour II" and "Rainbow".
Part of the Marblehead Neck shore can be seen behind "Rainbow".
"Yankee" is leaping over a wave with spray flying and leaving a foaming wake behind. Sunlight is reflected from the bowwave and sternwave up onto the foot of the jibs and mainsail respectively.
"Yankee" carried a larger 'footed' mainsail than the other J Class with the boom extending out over the stern.
This was "Yankee's" best race of the 1937 New York Yacht Club cruise as she passed "Ranger" on the first downwind leg and led by nearly 2 minutes at the start of the second windward beat back to The Graves mark. "Ranger" managed to pass "Yankee" on the second upwind leg and only just managed to hold her off on the final run to the finish. For a J Class yacht, built for the 1930 America's Cup, "Yankee's" performance on this last race of the J's was exceptional.
"Endeavour II" finished 3rd, "Rainbow" 4th and "Endeavour I" 5th.

Thus J Class racing passed into history until recently revived with the restoration of "Endeavour I", "Shamrock V" and "Velsheda" and construction of new replicas of "Ranger", "Endeavour II", "Rainbow" and other designs.
Dimensions40" x 60"
MediaOil on canvas


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