"Sayonara" and "Rawhiti" race for the Sayonara Cup, Saturday 19th January, 1907.

The second race for the Sayonara Cup was sailed in a hot strong northerly wind. The 21 mile course was from the Gellibrand Lightship, off the Williamstown breakwater, to a mark off Half Moon Bay, thence to a mark off Point Cook and back to the finish off the Gellibrand Lightship.

"Rawhiti" won the start by 20 seconds but, as the painting depicts, "Sayonara" passing "Rawhiti" on the run to Half Moon Bay. Both yachts have reefed mainsails. "Sayonara" has a very small spinnaker and a topsail hoisted, as best they could, on the windward side of the mainsail. "Rawhiti" has a bigger spinnaker and a balloon staysail, but no topsail. Both yachts have crew grasping onto the spinnaker booms to prevent them from 'skying'. Sunlight is sparkling off the tops of the waves on the left hand side and clouds cast shadows on the water in the background.

At the Point Cook mark "Rawhiti" was 41 seconds behind "Sayonara" and shook out their mainsail reef, but sagged away to leeward on the leg to the finish. "Sayonara" was impeded near the finish by the steamer "Wodonga" coming too close with a full load of sightseers and taking her wind, but she still finished 8 minutes 7 seconds ahead of "Rawhiti" and thus won the Sayonara Cup.
Dimensions16" x 24"
MediaOil on canvas


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