"Constellation" makes a record breaking run on the New York Yacht Club Cruise of 1895.

The painting depicts the 131 foot steel centreboard schooner "Constellation" ( owned by Bayard Thayer) charging through large sun sparkled seas, lee rail down and leaving a huge foaming wake, to make a record breaking run, averaging 13.88 knots, on the run from Huntington Bay to New London during the New York Yacht Club Cruise of 1895. In the strong winds she has 'working sails' up only with her jib topsail furled against the bowsprit.

Just to windward of "Constellation" is the successful 1893 America's Cup defender "Vigilant". Astern is the white hulled schooner "Emerald". Behind and to windward of "Emerald" is the black hulled schooner "Lasca".
"Vigilant", "Emerald" and "Lasca" all averaged speeds greater than 13 knots on this run. Clouds cast shadows on the water ahead of "Constellation" and over the "Lasca" in the background.

"Constellation" was designed by the famous Edward Burgess in 1889 and launched in 1890. She raced with the New York Yacht Club fleets for 41 years and for many years was the 'Queen' of the Eastern Yacht Club fleet at Marblehead.
Dimensions30" x 40"
MediaOil on canvas


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