"America” sails into Newport with the N.Y.Y.C. and E.Y.C. fleets, August 15th, 1880."

“America”, under the ownership of Benjamin Butler, sails into Newport Harbor, with the New York Yacht Club and Eastern Yacht Club fleets, during the annual cruises of the two yacht clubs. The Eastern Yacht Club fleet having sailed around from Marblehead to join the New York Yacht Club fleet in the racing to be held at Newport. There were 30 schooners in the fleet at Newport that year and a large collection of sloops.

Amongst the fleet were two other America’s Cup winners, besides the original “America”. On “America’s” port beam is the schooner “Columbia”, ( America’s Cup, 1871) just lowering her mainsail. The cutter “Mischief” ( won the America’s Cup the following year in 1881)is just passing to windward of “Columbia”.

Just ahead of “America” on the right hand side of the painting is Commodore (of the New York Yacht Club) William H. Thomas’ large schooner “Rambler”, with her crew lowering her foresail. Close to “Rambler” and in the process of lowering her mainsail is the famous sloop “Gracie”. The schooner “Dauntless”, under a cloud’s shadow, is lowering her main jackyard topsail.

Clouds cast shadows over some of the background buildings and over the water in the foreground on the right hand side. The sunlit sails of the “Rambler” are reflected in the water.

“America’s “ crew are standing by to handle the sails as they manoeuvre through the crowded anchorage.

Benjamin Butler bought the “America” from the Navy in 1873 and owned her until he died in 1893.
Dimensions24" x 36"
MediaOil on canvas


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