"Magda IX" leads the 12m fleet. Europe Week, Oslofjord, 1914.

The 1912, 12m Olympic champion, "Magda IX" is shown just after rounding the mark off the island of Bjerkoya, Oslofjord, during Europe Week, 1914. Just astern of "Magda IX" and slightly to leeward is "Erna Signe", followed by "Magnolia" and "Danseuse".
Some of "Magda IX's" crew are helping to pull the mainsheet in, always a difficult task after rounding the leeward mark. "Magnolia" has dropped her spinnaker too late to round the mark efficiently and the crew of "Danseuse" have just started pulling her spinnaker down onto the foredeck.

A beautiful topsail breeze is blowing with the sun reflecting off the water on the left hand side of the painting. A cloud casts a shadow across the water just behind "Magda IX".
Dimensions20" x 26"
MediaOil on canvas


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