"Britannia" leads the fleet."

The painting shows the famous "Britannia" leading the fleet of 18 footers in a race in the 1920's on Sydney Harbour.
A fresh north easterly breeze is blowing as "Britannia" leads the fleet. (From the windward mark, the Sow and Pigs reef, to the the gybe mark at Shark Island, which can be seen in the right hand background and then to Clark Island.)
Clouds cast shadows on the water in the foreground and background and sunlight reflects off the water on the lefthand side.
Close behind "Britannia" and trying to take her 'wind' is "Airline". She is followed by "H. C. Press II ", "Sydney" and "Keriki". Other yachts in the fleet are further back and not shown in the painting. "Keriki" has not yet managed to reset her spinnaker after gybing at Shark Island.
Spray is flying from the yachts and the crews are struggling to keep them upright in the fresh conditions. "Britannia's" crew has eased her spinnaker too much, allowing her to roll to windward.
In the fresh conditions shown, "Britannia" would often have 14 burly men aboard to keep her upright and a small boy whose job was to bail constantly to keep the water out !

"Britannia' was built in just six weeks by Georgie Robinson and launched in 1919. She raced every weekend for 25 years and was still racing in 1945. She has now been restored and is in the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney.
Dimensions16" x 20"
MediaOil on canvas


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