"A Race To Remember. "Vigilant" and "Valkyrie II", Race 3, America's Cup, October 13th, 1893."

"A Race To Remember. "Vigilant" and "Valkyrie II", Race 3, America's Cup, October 13th, 1893."
An outstanding race in America's Cup history, according to all historians.

In a strong easterly wind, increasing to 30 knots by the finish of the race, both yachts started off Sandy Hook lightship with one reef in their mainsails and with working topsails. The course was 15 miles to windward and then return to the finish.

As can be seen in the painting, "Valkyrie II" got the better start, out to windward of "Vigilant" and maintained that lead to round the windward mark 2 minutes ahead of "Vigilant". A good sea is running and the yachts are rearing and plunging through the waves, with water streaming over the decks. The sun shone through for a while on the beat to windward, reflecting off the wavetops and illuminating the luffs of the headsails. The weather is very hazy and spectator vessels can be seen, accompanying the yachts, in the background.

On the downwind run to the finish "Valkyrie II" tore her first spinnaker, set a lighter weight spinnaker and blew that out!
"Vigilant" shook out her reef in the mainsail, set a small jack topsail and spinnaker and passed "Valkyrie II" to win by 40 seconds and thus the America's Cup, having won the first 2 races as well.

"Vigilant" was the first of 5 defenders of the America's Cup designed by Nathaneil Herreshoff. She was built for a syndicate consisting of C. Oliver Iselin( head of syndicate), E.D. Morgan, August Belmont, Cornelius Vanderbilt and others. She was a centreboarder and the first yacht to be built of tobin bronze.

"Valkyrie II" was a keel cutter designed by George L. Watson and built of composite construction with a copper plated bottom. She was owned by Windham-Thomas Wyndham-Quin, fourth Earl of Dunraven.
Dimensions30" x 40"
MediaOil on canvas


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