" The "Mayflower" approaching Cape Cod, November 1620."

" The "Mayflower" approaching Cape Cod, November 1620."
In the late afternoon the "Mayflower" runs along parallel to the Cape Cod peninsular as she approaches , what is now known as Provincetown. She anchored off Provincetown on 16th November 1620, after 65 days at sea.
The swells, following the "Mayflower", are making her 'yaw' from side to side as they pass beneath her. The sun is casting long dark shadows to starboard of the "Mayflower." Her 'weathered' flags are set fying from the main and fore masts and a crew member is in the foremast crowsnest to keep an eye out for shoaling water. Another crew member, not seen in the painting, would be positioned on the port side fore chains, casting the lead, to determine the depth of water and condition of the sea bottom.

Captained by Christopher Jones the "Mayflower" carried 101 passengers, 31 of them children, plus two pet dogs and a crew of 34. She was approximately 90 feet on deck, with a beam of 25 feet, though exact dimensions have never been known. She would have displaced approximately 180 tons.
After an exploratory excursion by the "Mayflower's" shallop( sailing boat carried onboard the "Mayflower"), the "Mayflower" made sail and arrived at Plymouth on December 15th, 1620.
Dimensions30" x 40"
MediaOil on canvas


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